Being Promoted Is The Hiv ( Human Immunodeficiency Virus ) Essay

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The issue that is being promoted is the HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) that can lead to AIDS. This ad is unique by using a superhero, superheroes are known to be invincible, but the fact that Aids made us equal, shows that this disease can affect anyone who is not cautious. AIDS can be transmitted by many ways, but the most common are sex and needle sharing (“What Is HIV/AIDS?”). Safe sex is crucial in today 's society especially with gay and bisexual men (‘U.S. Statistics”). Without safe sex many people will receive sexually transmitted diseases, also known as STD’s. AIDS is one of the most common STD’s, but is not only an STD due from receiving it by needles. As stated above AIDS can also be transmitted by the sharing of needle or syringes. People who are practicing unsafe sex and sharing needles will benefit from this ad because this ad uses the widely known superhero Wonder Woman. Generally superheroes are known to be invincible, with the subject viewing this ad, they can visually see how AIDS can affect anyone, including a superhero. An ad of this can have the subject experience the feeling of fear, meaning that this advertisement uses the primary appeal of pathos. Since Wonder Woman is in a hospital bed, it shows that this disease is so severe that it involves an attention of a doctor. Which means this advertisement also uses the primary appeal of ethos. Wonder Woman is known for fighting off the antagonist of the story and coming out a winner in the end…

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