Being Prejudice, By Harper Lee Essay

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He plays video games he must be a loser and it’s not like he really going anywhere in life. This might be true but at the same time it might not. Take Mr. Jordan for example, he is a very successful teacher and he LOVES to play video games. Saying things like this is jumping to unfair conclusion. This is being prejudice to everyone who plays video game. Being prejudice is a very common theme in the book “To Kill A Mockingbird” By Harper Lee. For example when the boys didn’t even give Boo Radley a chance, or when the whole town turned against Atticus and his family. Another example is when Aunt Alexandra told Scout she couldn’t have Walter Cunningham over because he was poor white trash. The people of Maycomb have a thing for unfairly and unrightfully judging Atticus.

There are any examples of people being prejudice. Throughout the town of Maycomb, Boo Radley is known as a “monster” for stabbing his father while he was scrapbooking. Although this is a terrible thing, nobody knows for sure why he did it. Maycomb is not really giving Boo a chance to prove himself/for them to get to know the person he truly is. Scout, Jem, and Dill would also make up stories or believe every story they heard about Boo. Heck! They believed “Boo was a 6 ½ ft-He dined on raw squirrels and any cat he could catch-there was a long jagged scar that ran across his face; the teeth he had left where yellow and rotten; his eyes popped and he drooled most of the time” (13). Jem, Scout, and Dill showed…

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