Being Positive Psychological Capital ( Psycap ) At Workplace Bring A Better Result For Individual And Organization

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Having positive psychological capital (PsyCap) to perform at workplace bring a better result for individual and organization. By improving PsyCap increase job satisfaction, organizational commitment, decrease job stress and counterproductive work behavior (Kinicki and Fugate, 2015). This paper discusses the result of PsyCap assessment; strategies to advance career using strengths; discusses goal-setting to increase motivation and improve job performance as well as explains motivational theories.

“Positive psychological capital is a relatively new concept in organizational behavior and is part of the positive organizational behavior movement. It is a key person input in the integrative framework” (Kinicki and Fugate, 2015). The PsyCap consists of the positive psychological resources of Efficacy, Hope, Optimism, and Resilience. It has been demonstrated through employee attitudinal, performance, and behavior (Kinicki and Fugate, 2015). Each area scored with a brief feedback sentence provided, indicating Low, Moderate, or High personality factor. Having a high score at all area indicates a significant positive behavior and satisfaction performance at workplace.
Regarding my score assessment, Efficacy was 16 pts, and hope was 15 pts. I have enough confidence to put the effort at challenging tasks, willing to take on more responsibilities, and new opportunities. For instant, I am willing to learn new functions and being a risk-taker to test on new procedures and processes at…

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