Being Part Of The Conversation Essay

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Being Part of the Conversation
The “Curriculum as Conversation” approach is a way for writers to express their understanding of the text as a form of an opinion on it. To be able to write an essay and be able to describe in detail on what the text was about. This method of learning and teaching will show students to pick up on the readings quickly. To improve one’s ability to read and write about texts with a different way of approaching it. Giving them the ability to shown that they are able to understand and put their own meaning to it and then being able to express an opinion with the help of the text to back it up. Being able to show someone that you are able to understand and create well written essays will allow you to engage in dissections with others. You will be able to show present your opinion and interact with others who may not have the same one as you.
Now professors expected to know exactly how to write an essay with the knowledge and understanding of what was read. In high school the teacher will normally give you an essay format on how to structure an essay. After reading a text the teacher would give an overall interpretation of the text and then expect an essay. By not letting the students write their own interpretation on a text only shows what they ae able to pick up and not what they think it means. For many students it was an easy and simple way of writing an essay and without having to reread the text and create their own opinion on it. Letting a…

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