The Indescribable Experience Of Being On The Epic Team

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1. Being on the Epic staff is a truly indescribable experience. As a beginner during my sophomore year, I learned the essence of journalistic writing, design and working in a group environment. At the same time, I began to stand up for myself in front of my tough Editors-in-Chief and became a mouthpiece for the other newcomers in presenting problems on staff. I learned that just because someone holds the crown, they are not necessarily right, and change can be a good thing. As Business Editor in my second year, I was forced to pick up the Epic budget from its all-time low. I fixed the money situation and ended the year with about ten thousand extra dollars. At the same time, I saw friendships on staff crumble and aimed to help the Epic become …show more content…
Besides my mom, who is lovingly nicknamed "Superwoman" by everyone who knows how she tirelessly works to support her family, a good friend of mine has also made an enormous impact on my life. I met this person on a field trip in eighth grade and we immediately became inseparable. Somehow, my friend listened, cared and completed my life like no one else, but high school came knocking on my door and everything changed. While sticking with this person during my freshman year, I quickly found my confidence dropping, friends disappearing, and engagement in outside activities dying out. Something in their life turned them completely upside down and they had begun to insult and yell at me every day, until I was stripped down to an empty skeleton. In class and at home, I always put on a big smile, but it melted off whenever I looked in the mirror. I had no intention to be fake, I just didn’t know who I truly was anymore. I physically broke down from the sadness, stopped eating and lost my faith entirely. Sophomore year, during the week before summer finals, I blacked out three times in one night and was sent to the hospital. My wake-up call had come, and I slowly moved away from my friend. A year later, I began to piece my world back together and discovered that by focusing on other people, listening to their problems and finding their solutions, I can find inner peace and everything else will fall into place. I finally felt accomplished and appreciated as a human being, …show more content…
Five years from now, I hope be studying at a university in Europe to become a professional member of the medical world. I 'd be living in a big city in some corner of the continent, spend my weekends in the library and still manage to burn half of my meals. In my free time, I 'd most likely be sipping coffee in a cafe hoping for a tall, dark, handsome stranger to walk by and greet me, and plan events to help the homeless or stray animals in my community. Since I 'd probably live far from my family and my little sisters, I 'd make sure to save enough money from my part-time job to visit them at least twice a year. By the time I 'm thirty, I 'd hope to have spent at least a year in the Peace Corps, be working a job that gives me plenty of opportunities to make a difference in the world around me, and have started on my main goal, building an animal

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