Being Muslim Terrorist Analysis

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This is a story of a Pakistani. His name is Changez. Sitting with foreigner in a café located at old anarkali Lahore. He tells about himself. He graduated from Princeton university USA. Then he started his career as a financial agent at underwood Samson. He had a successful career. He met a girl Erica. When the world trade Centre was attacked he was in manila on a business a human, Changez was very the terrorist. But the Americans government and public labeled all Muslims all people having beard as terrorist. Changez was very much dishearted. He got a bad impact of America. He was very disappointed although he had served their country and they are treating him like that. This was the turning moment of Changez’s life. His patriotism …show more content…
The title of being Muslim in the western world is a title of being in a list of a terrorist.
Through my reading to this novel I felt that the western world was only finding a reason to blame the Muslims as Muslims were growing in a large ratio of the world and it was the threat to the westerns that this religion would be the upcoming future of world and they found a good reason he attack of 9/11 and they started a war against Muslims on the name of humanity and there this act made a feeling of patriotism in a heart of a person who loved America and believed his future in America. The feeling of motherland was raised by Americans in the heart of a person like
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(It is the effect of scarcity one rules of propriety make one thirst for the improper)
The attacks of 9/11 make a zone of war in Muslim world by the western but Changez was brought near to its motherland the respect for his country was born in his heart and he became a true patriot.
For example if we respect something that is not our and that insult us we always face or run toward that which is ours. After this incident many Pakistanis came back to Pakistan to serve their nation. When the Changez is treated as a terrorist and every eye on him looks like a theme of being a terrorist as he delivered the America for long time but he has to face the same thing like other Muslims and Pakistanis as he was also a Pakistani so he felt to leave that American dream and to serve his country.
At the end I have concluded that it’s on our point of view to judge others is on the basis of their religion, their colors their race or any distinguishing matter between humans will lead to the situation of war.
We shouldn’t look American as a spy nor should every American have to look every Pakistani and every Muslim as a

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