Being Mary Jane : A Great Drama Series That Connects With Their Audience

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lot of great, drama, television shows are the ones that find a way to connect with their audience. They are able to give us life lessons while adding some humor so it won’t be too serious the whole time you 're watching it. They don’t sugar coat what 's really happening in the world to make it seem like one big fairy tale. Although some of the situations are creatively made up their are a lot of events in the show that are currently happening in some households. The television show, “Being Mary Jane”, is a great drama series that connects with its audience while having great dialogue and giving life lessons to the viewers.

Being Mary Jane is about a successful black woman TV news anchor named Mary Jane Paul, who is played by Gabrielle Union. She goes through relationship problems with Andre (Omari Hardwick), who is a married man and David (Stephen Bishop) while wanting to have a child and trying to provide for her family. She is her family 's main source of income and she has to deal with two brothers (Richard Brooks and B.J Britt), her sick mother (Margaret Avery), her father (Richard Roundtree) and her pregnant niece (Raven Goodwin). She also has to struggle with problems at the job. With all these struggles she still manages to overcome them and show her strength while also teaching us viewers valuable lessons.

The characters on “Being Mary Jane” are relatable to some viewers to a certain degree. Mary Jane 's niece is a teenage mom. A lot of…

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