Essay Being Loyal And Having Blind Faith

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All my life I just had this knack for being loyal and having blind faith. To this day I live by the saying “ Loyalty is Royalty.” Also, I 've always had blind faith in my lord and savior without hesitation or questioning his doings or reasonings. If you show me any kind of love or you just keep me alive, you will be entitled with my loyalty. My mother is to credit for who I am today. Also, my mother credits her mother and it goes on and on. Regarding all of that, loyalty and faith can also be eliminated simply by knowledge and being mistreated. For countless years blacks have been beaten, lynched, blacklisted, segregated, etc. For just as many of those years some African Americans seen that as normal. They just thought that that 's the way things have been and will always be. Being fed lies, empty promises, and being told you are nothing can have a mind numbing impact on an individual. “The republican party failed to give black families the one thing they most needed to prosper in freedom: land. The “forty acres and a mule” that blacks had been led to expect did not materialize”(Fairclough 4). One of the countless things we were promised but it never was fulfilled. Years upon years we have been led on to believe the white man 's lies. When you have nothing to lose and you 're backed into the corner there 's only two things you can do. Either lay day and accept whatever 's to come or you can fight back. The way that slaves fought back was astonishing. Most stood up and became…

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