Being Intelligent Is More Important Than Being A Hard Worker Essay examples

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Most people are born smart, and they catch on to information with understanding. Many would argue that being intelligent is more important than being a hard worker. In reality, one has to work hard at whatever they do in life. Numerous factors play into which is more important. Many can debate that IQ and hard work are equally important. To be successful in this world, a person has to be either intelligent or a hard worker. For centuries, people have been measured by how smart they are based on tests. From preschool to college graduation, students are being measured through standardized test categorizing them according to intelligence. There are many advantages to both, but with hard work and dedication a person can be just as successful as an intelligent person.
In our society, IQ testing is a misconstrued term. Most commonly it is associated with how smart a person is based on their mental capacity or brain size. This misconception has put a huge emphasis on one 's ability to score high on an intelligence test. When, in fact, it does not measure intelligence at all; keeping in mind that our society defines intelligence as being ˜ 'smart ' '. All it really shows is a person’s aptitude or ability to solve problems quickly. IQ testing is nothing more than a tool to help teachers determine where one is at academically in correlation to where one should be. For example, academics is a strong example of an area you need to work exceptionally hard to succeed in. If you work hard…

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