Being Inherently Good Or Evil? Essay

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Being Inherently Good

This has been a long argument for many years that people have tried to pin point an answer to. Not only has there been many debates on being inherently good or evil there is much evidence that humans are inherently good. Human nature means the ways of thinking, feeling and acting that are common to most people. It is our base mentality to be inherently good. We are born in this world with love and happiness. Human beings are inherently good.
From evidence around the world it is said that evil is taught and learned through society and environment and not inherently. There are also choices that are made to become evil even though we have much goodness and happiness within humanity some people choose to commit evil acts only out of ignorance against our human nature.
Humans are inherently good; they are not born evil. Mencius says that some people fail to realize that we are already programed to have humanity, duty, ritual and wisdom within us already since the day we are born. “Mencius, took this to mean that humans were inherently good and, with proper training, could become perfect.” (Mencius pg.78). The evil actions that a person chooses to do is a result of ignorance of their environment surroundings and society. Even though one might think they are born evil there is some good evidence proving we are all born good and over time can become evil. Mencius also stated “That’s what I mean by good. If someone’s evil, it can’t be blamed on inborn…

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