Being Honest, I Was Quite Unsuccessful With Completing My Hidden Agenda

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To be honest, I was quite unsuccessful with completing my hidden agenda. My hidden agenda was capitalist. Therefore, my objectives were to own the most valuable property and possess more cash than any other citizen in Aladdin. However, by the end of the game, I was ironically the poorest person and an individual who owned the least number of the valuable properties. One challenge that I faced that cost me to get a valuable property and thus earn me money was when I had to miss auction day because of an ultimate frisbee tournament. In efforts to overcome this challenge, I asked my friend Kayanna to purchase the insurance and tree hexes for me. Later that day when I asked to purchase the hexes from her, she told me she only purchased the insurance hex and that she was not selling it. Instead of letting me purchase the insurance hex I told her to buy for me, she deceived me and kept the insurance hex to herself. I was at the time one of the richest people, therefore I gave offers ranging from $2000 to all the money I had but she still did not agree. This taught me that even to friends you will have to create contracts to ensure you do not get played. To overcome this challenge of having no property and a source of income, at the first trading day I tried negotiating with other property owners including security hex owner Shivan and farm hex owner Jash to purchase their properties off them. Likewise to Kayanna, I gave offers from $2000 to alI the money I had. However, they…

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