Being Honest English And Composition 1 Essay

1181 Words Dec 10th, 2015 null Page
To be honest English and Composition 1 was not a class I was eager or even thought I needed to take. I thought I already knew enough about writing and I feel I’m a very competent fiction writer but as far as essays I had a lot to learn. Especially, like many, for topics I’ve no interest in. I feel like I’ve gotten better at making it interesting. After having been out of any level of academic program for eight year at the minimum re-enrolling in college at the age of 32 was a daunting challenge. I’ve struggled with a number of things but I think I’ve been fairly strong in others. The first area in which I’ve struggled with is a good title. You need to make sure it calls out to the reader making them curious of the content. From my first essay with the clever and thought provoking title of Identity (highlighted in yellow) which is fairly uninspired to my personal favorite of my titles My Apparently Racist Views on Reparations (Highlighted in yellow). Which grabs the attention a little more the reader is left to wonder ‘What are his views? Why are they ‘apparently’ racist? Are they actually racist?’ Right from the beginning the reader is curious and I think wants to read more. My title ‘Addiction is a bitch’ was admittedly probably an ill-advised title, from the beginning it establishes a pattern of being unprofessional or even cavalier about the topic (highlighted in yellow). It may also alienate readers who don’t like foul language, now I myself am a big fan of profanity…

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