Being Happy Lies Essay

1001 Words Jun 9th, 2016 5 Pages
“The art of being happy lies in the power of finding happiness in ordinary things. Life doesn’t force us to be perfect it only asks us to do our best.” -Unknown This has been a quote I have learned to follow throughout the course of my junior year. If we allow ourselves to be happy about little achievements and know that we did our best regardless of the outcome, then we can help ourselves be more successful in the future. A good example of some of the small accomplishments i 've made my junior year were in my English 11 class. First off, some of the books I have read independently throughout the semester were, Life as We Knew It, The Dead and The Gone, This World We Live In, The Shade of The Moon, The memory of Light, and Quarantine. Each book had its own individual message to take from it. For example, Life as We Knew It was a book about Family, strength, tragedy, and being grateful for the little things in life. In a world where the moon gets pushed closer to Earth, those still alive after hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and more, still managed to hold on to what they have and be grateful for having family even while the world fell apart around them. The Memory of Light was about friendship,strength, and overcoming depression. The main character thought she would never get out of the dark hole she fell into but with the help of her new found friendships and being strong enough to keep going she was able to pull through. As different as these books seemed while…

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