Being Gay Is A Sin Essay

1007 Words Nov 18th, 2015 5 Pages
Hatred towards homosexuals has transpired throughout multiple groups of society. Whether it be religious groups, regular people, or high school bullies, they have constantly been frowned upon. A significant amount of people believe that being gay is a choice, but those who are gay, bisexual, or transgender know that if they did have a choice, they would choose a life without being hated for who they truly are. Issues and problems as simple as hating someone because of their sexual orientation could be dealt with in a civil way, but people choose to deny them of their inalienable rights for the sake of themselves. “Being gay is a sin.” This is a statement that the majority of questioning boys and girls hear from their parents multiple times. They are immediately taught that being themselves is wrong, and this is what most of America thought for years and years. The Bible plays a big part in the shunning of homosexuals, with scriptures from Leviticus preaching things like, “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination.” Initially, closeted gays were lead to believe that they should not be able to live the lives they want to. This behavior carried on for generations, but there were some who felt as if they did not need to hide who they truly were and came out as gay. Even though they thought that they would be happier, they were shunned, ignored, and sometimes even killed. People would simply stand by and let things like the slaying of innocent…

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