Being Environmentally Friendly : Children 's Museum Essay

1405 Words Mar 31st, 2016 null Page
Since covering the topic of the environment in class last week, I have really noticed how environmentally-friendly Kidzu Children’s Museum actually is. Something that I am particularly impressed in regards to the museum is its creativity in promoting this idea of being “environmentally conscious”: from the implementation of innovative and engaging programs to the choice of language and phrasing Kidzu team members are taught to use when interacting with museum patrons in the Makery. Because of the museum’s multifaceted approach to tackling environmental issues, I believe that kids are learning how being environmentally friendly can be fun and incredibly beneficial -- for both themselves and their communities. As explained by Dolgon and Baker (2011), “environmental problems in the United States are inextricably linked to lifestyle and energy use.” I feel that this phrase absolutely rings true in contemporary society: our country can best be characterized by mass consumerism and the subsequent “throwaway mentality” that comes along with having an excess of disposable commodities (Dolgon and Baker, 2011). When I think of excess in this particular way, my brain tends to go to the fast food industry. Throughout high school, I worked at my local Sonic Drive-In. During my time at the fast food restaurant, I watched my coworkers start the day defrosting pounds of hamburger patties in preparation for the day. If there was leftover meat near closing time, it would be thrown out…

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