Being Disabled People : Memorial Stadium Essay example

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One of the places I found on campus that is inaccessible to physically disabled people is Memorial Stadium. Above is a photo of an entry to the track and field. Even though the football team does not play in this stadium any more, there are other teams who practice their like the soccer team and our school band. Which is a reason why it should be accessible to disabled people because someone who is in a wheelchair or on crutches might want to watch and listen to the Band practice, but can’t because they are not able to gain access to the track and field in a safe way.
The surface of the steps are nicely made of concrete and has two railings on each side but, the steps were created on a slanted hill. Therefore it is no other way a person with physically disabilities can get around those steps. At the bottom of the steps is a metal wire fence which could be unsafe as well if someone falls all the way down the steps into the fence. During snowy and icy condition the steps and the hill the steps were built on are really dangerous and unsafe for a person with physical disabilities because snow and ice makes the ground harder to navigate on. A person in wheelchair or on crutches would definitely not be able to get down the slippery slope steps without falling or hurting themselves even more. The area closely near the steps is a wide, flat, smooth walkway. But as you begin to way away from the steps the walkway goes from being flat to having a bit of an incline. The incline…

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