Being Dependent On Chemical Substances For Success Essay

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Lacking the experience required in developing the level of maturity and intellect needed to govern their personal health represents the stigma attached to minors today. There are a select group of young people capable of making their own decisions. Although this idea applies to a mass of the younger generation, this is not true for the entirety. A mature minor, defined as a competent young adult, has the right to choose what happens to him or her medically. Having independence to exercise these rights introduces additional medical options that they might avoid due to concerns of remaining discreet. Additionally, a teenager struggling with an issue such as Attention Deficit Disorder may potentially no longer wish to take medicine for his is her condition. Electing to omit medications leads to a healthier individual, one that develops drive and self-confidence due to not being dependent on chemical substances for success. Mature minors need to have the right to engage in decision making pertaining to their medical treatments without parental involvement that include both receiving and rejecting treatments.
Clearly, undeveloped children lack the experience, judgment, and wisdom necessary for self-management in a majority of instances. As a child grows, however, he or she cultivates the skills needed for this type of independence. Once they reach that critical maturity level, they become a mature minor. The definition of mature minor consists of an un-emancipated person under…

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