Being Burned Out And Angry Essay

1535 Words Apr 4th, 2016 null Page
Some individuals are not aware that they are overstepping their boundaries, take for instance a client that shows up to therapy expressing being burned out and angry. Of course, after listening to the client, gathering information, this writer being the counselor can indicate to the client that being burned out and angry are signs of unhealthy boundaries. This writer would affirm that anyone can display unhealthy boundaries at any given time. Buhari (2013), defined boundaries as “a dynamic line which if crossed, will constitute unprofessional or unethical behavior and misuse of power” (Buhari, 2013, p. 164). In this case, the client may have crossed their personal line, perhaps due to a lack of balance, being overly committed to something, therefore leading to feeling burned out, and ultimately angry. This writer would further indicate, how the client’s anger, can affect no only the client but also those around the client, therefore, leading to unhealthy boundaries or crossing the line with those around the client. If burnout and anger get out of control and do not cope in an appropriate manner, then it can possibly lead to for the client to lose friendships over it or lose or quit their job.
According to Buhari (2013), “the goals in a therapeutic relationship include facilitating communication of distressing thought and feelings, assisting clients with problem-solving skills, helping clients to examine self-defeating behaviors and test alternatives to promote self-care”…

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