Essay about Being Bullied

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Being Bullied When I was in middle school I was bullied. No one should ever have to go through what I went through as a young middle school child. It can cause a lot of damage to one’s self esteem, and it can cause health problems down the road. Now that I have children of my own, I want to make sure they know that they do not have to go through what I went through growing up and being bullied. I try to make sure that my children know there are ways to deal with a bully. And I try to help my children with recognizing if you are the victim of a bully. There are several ways that a person can be bullied. I had people calling me names, trying to fight me, and trying to push me down several flights of stairs. The first thing that I …show more content…
When I was in middle school I would do just that. I would turn and walk away, go into a classroom, or even go stand next to a teacher. That way these kids could not touch me. I can recall a time when I was walking to a girl’s house. She was supposed to be my friend and I was going to spend the night with her. As we got close to her house some other girls showed up and started saying some really mean stuff to me and wanting to fight me. It turned out that this girl was not my friend at all. That she was just trying to set me up to fight her real friends. I was not going to fight these girls, because I don’t believe fighting is a solution to any problem. And I was very thankful that we were right beside a grocery store, because I was able to turn and run into the store. I told the store manager what was going on and ask them if I could use their phone to call my mom. The manager let me stay there inside to wait for someone to come pick me up. These girls started doing this for no reason at all. Just because they thought they were better than me and wanted to fight me. The final one that I want to talk about is how they wanted to push me down several flights of stairs. In my middle school, and as well as most other middle schools, there were several different levels. This meant that you would have to go up and down stairs to get to your other classes. As in that event as I was going to one of my

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