Being Brilliant Is No Great Feat If You Respect Nothing Essay

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Mistreated because of Social Class: Jane Eyre “Being brilliant is no great feat if you respect nothing.” These are the wise words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe saying that no matter how brilliant one can be does no justice if one does not respect. Jane Eyre is often brought down by brilliant people that do not respect those of a lower class but she prospers. In the novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, the character Jane Eyre goes through a series of mistreatments as a child and as an adult due to her low social class, which results in her being a moral and educated person.
In her childhood, Jane Eyre was secluded due to her lower class and the fact that she was an orphan. For example, Jane was not allowed to read her wealthy family 's books because she was not family to them: " 'You have no business to take our books; you are a dependant, mama says; you have no money; your father left you none; you ought to beg and not to live here with gentlemen 's children like us. '"(Bronte 8). Jane is repeatedly reminded that she is of a lower class and should be secluded. Jane is an orphan, because of that, the Reeds treat her as a dependent who is someone who relies on their support. Furthermore, Jane is once more reminded by Bessy that she should be an obedient girl because she relies on the Reed family:" 'You ought to be aware, Miss, that you are under obligations to Mrs.Reed: she keeps you; if she were to turn you off, you would have to go to the poor house, '"(10). She is…

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