Being Born And Raised As A Muslim Girl From A Poor Family Essay

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Early on in my life I realised how different my family was compared to others around me. Whenever my friends asked what my father did for a living I would say he worked in an office, but I would also add that my mother was a working professional as well; this was typically followed by surprise and bewilderment from my friends. A working mother in my community was not the norm, so they found it amusing. I gradually grew up to become proud of that fact.

There’s no disputing it, I have lived and continue to live a privileged life. I could talk about how being born and raised as a Keralite Muslim meant that I had a disadvantaged background -- but it would be a disservice to my family, going back all the way to my maternal grandmother, may she rest in peace.

Growing up as a Muslim girl from a poor family during the British rule of India, she wanted to run around and play, and she loved school. It didn’t matter that her peers dropped out or were pulled out of school to be married off. She recalled the time her parents were on the verge of pulling her out from school as soon as she finished her 5th grade exams, but she insisted on studying. She was among the first in our community to matriculate and would go on to become the first Muslim woman in my state to become a school headmistress. Even as she bore and raised six girls and one boy, in the 40s and 50s, she made sure every single one attended school and college, something that was unheard of in my community at the time. I…

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