Essay on Being Born And Grew Up Without Having Communication

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Imagine being born and grew-up without having communication in your country. Well, back in my childhood life, I had created a massive of problems with my parents, teachers, and even friends which made me felt depressed. Could not understand why my parents and teachers were outraged that I can feel being discriminated, disrespected, and abused. Not learning to speak well and understand English well until I became six. However, I spoke a couple of languages, Vietnamese and Chinese though. As a child, the time when I lived with my grandma for a while, she first taught me how to speak Chinese when I was three. And when I move to live with my mom, then she starts lecturing me on speaking Vietnamese since I was four. As I began going to Preschool, I had these two language stuck between my head. Still I could not even receive those benefits throughout my education. And, I really needed an extra support from my mom and dad in order for me to learn how to speak and understand. This takes up a couple of years for me to develop my learning. Basically what my severe struggle was that I seriously need to flourish my English. By the way, I had some type of speaking delay or autism back when I was a little child until I become successful in life.
Due to the speaking delay that I had would definitely cause my ability to learn in Elementary School. That time when I had in elementary school gave me a strenuous time to read, understand, spell, pronounce, and identify grammar.…

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