Essay Being Black in America

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As I sit here and think about what it is to be Black in America. I realize how there are so many factors that affect African American people daily. One of the most damaging forces tearing at young black people in America today is the popular culture's image of what an "authentic" black person is supposed to look like and how that person is supposed to act. People assume all black males where raised in a single parent home. People assume that if you are a black male, that you sale drugs or you are really great in some type of sport. If you are a black female, they assume you will have kids by different men, referred to as “baby daddy” or they may not even know who the fathers of their children are. This same society expects African …show more content…
They kept in touch with them because they knew of them. But in African American cases the family structure was non-existent. The families were separated and sold similar to the way puppies are sold today and resold for over 400 years. From that they were separated from their families and they learned how to survive the best way they knew how. Women were separated, from their husbands, daughters from their mothers, sons, from their fathers, and even in current time African American’s are still stagnant in the mind frame that slavery is still alive and well. If you take a look and a poll and go into an African American community you will see that there are many children who grew up without their fathers. Is it ironic or is it just a coincidence that history has continued to repeat itself for over 400 odd sum years? I question if these men who were once little boys were ever taught to be men. If so, was it by their mothers? How is woman to raise a little boy into a man? She can instill values, in him. She can build his self-esteem, and she can teach him right from wrong. . However, she cannot teach him how to be an upstanding man in society. That is something that should be taught by a father. The same goes for young black women in today’s society. They will tolerate certain things from certain relationships with men, because they are not aware and they were not

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