Essay Being An Organ Market Is Not A Every Person 's Mind

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Having an organ market is not a typical thought that would cross the average person’s mind. But it’s a topic that maybe more American’s should consider. Although the topic is very controversial because some believe that it is morally wrong to sell parts of your body and many believe that selling organs will lead to more controversy than good. Currently the only legal way for a person with an organ failure to have a transplant is through donation after being put on a list. With 68,000 Americans on a organ donation waiting list, and another American added to the list every sixteen minutes, twelve Americans die every day waiting for a donation (Harris 213). If the government created a program to allow the selling of organs, there could possibly be a rise in the number of transplants done each year, and therefore there would be more survivors of such a tragic fate. Lets first start by acknowledging that the sale of renewable tissues and cells is allowed. Renewable tissues and cells include blood, sperm, skin and hair, this is because the body is able to replenish its supply of each of these. Although organs are not renewable, meaning our body would regenerate that organ. Organs can be divided into two categories of vital and non-vital. A vital organ is one that cannot be removed with out causing a fatality, like your heart, liver, pancreas, and stomach. The idea of selling organs would be limited to kidneys, lungs and pieces of livers, which are all deem non-vital when they…

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