Essay on Being An Intern At The Sussex County Miners

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Throughout a person life they will meet and work with countless of people. Working with others is almost like a trail and error process; sometimes that partnership works great, while other times the partnership stalls. The same can be said for a manager and their philosophy on how to run a business. I have been fortunate enough to work at multiple internships and jobs throughout my life and I give all of those experiences a lot of credit into molding me into the man I am today. However at each internship or job the environment I worked in was different. Eventually I started to realize that the culture of the company took the form of its manager.
This summer I was blessed with the opportunity to work at The Sussex County Miners an Independent League baseball team. Here I was introduces to the best working environment I have ever been apart of. During this report I will be explaining why this environment created such a successful working environment. Being an intern at the Sussex County Miners was truly an eye-opening experience. Being able to learn the game of baseball from such a remarkable front office was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Dave Chase was the general manager of the team, and he created a working environment that led to all employees buying into our organizations goals. Dave has worked in baseball for over 20 years and has mastered the skills needed to run a great organization. My duties as an intern were vast, and varied from day to day. The main…

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