Being An Esl ( English As A Second Language Essay

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I had never been a good writer, nor had I ever enjoyed writing, and the reality of being an ESL (English as a second language) student in high school only deepened the obstacle between me and writing. Besides adopting a language that I have never used in the majority of my life, I always had trouble in transferring my thoughts onto paper. When the former had been enhanced throughout taking ESL courses in eleventh grade, the latter had remained the same. I was simply unable to imagine how people could mentally process materials and rationally, smoothly reflect them in their essays. Sitting in front of my laptop and opening a brand new Word document, I read the assignment that I had no knowledge in over and over again. Then I stood up, got some water, went to do something else, and the “brand new Word document” was never touched for the rest of the day. This process had repeated in my writing life throughout my junior year. It was not until my senior year, when my career as a writer has been dramatically shifted, which later prepared me for a stronger, more confident beginning of my college English writing.
Like vast majority of twelfth graders, I was assigned into the English 12 course that was discussion-based. The last year of high school had finally come, along with an overwhelming amount of writing. Whether they were personal statements for college applications, SAT prompts, or articles for my school’s yearbook: The more I had to write, the more crisis I ingrained in my…

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