Essay on Being An Environment Of Trust

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It is a known belief among people from low income areas that social workers only care about taking peoples children away so it’s best reassure her that it would not be my intent or focus to take her children away from her and to show her the same level of respect that anyone with a normal education may receive. I believe that by demonstrating an understanding of her situation and exhibiting a positive attitude towards her goals can develop a mutually beneficial relationship between us though at the same time maintaining the professional distance to avoid getting to close to effectively execute my duties.

By showing her genuine empathy and helping her to imagine how far she has come and how far she can go I think will help cultivate an environment of trust. It can also open her mind to the idea that if she is willing to participating in some of the program then she has a real opportunity for changing her life for the better (Ochberg, 2014). Some of the services that I would like for her considered adoption, foster care and when she gets older maybe a half way home, Section 8 for herself, food stamps, after school parenting class, private tutoring etc. All of which can be accessible to her as she continues with her education.

In the case of AZ, her family is slightly more complicated as they were homeschooled and the Father was the sole bread winner who ruled the household with an iron fist. A self-proclaimed prophet he even controlled what television shows they watched…

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