Being An Educator : The Most Rewarding And Worthwhile Professions

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Being an educator is one of the most rewarding and worthwhile professions that has ever existed. Having a direct impact on the lives of young adolescents indirectly influences who will become the next doctor, lawyer, judge or even teacher. With myself being a future teacher I am currently taking preparation courses that will help develop my skills and abilities to be able to educate young adolescents at the middle level. Through my courses as well as current and past field studies, I am heavily observing and visualizing my classroom and whatkind of teacher I want to be. As far teaching on the middle level my philosophy is to make sure that the students can learn no matter the setback, disability or disadvantage. I believe that as a teacher that promise is owed to each and every student that I may and will encounter.

The development of young adolescents is so important during this time of their life. They are rapidly developing in ways that even they are not fully aware of. Students go through a period in 5th & 6th grades in which they still have an elementary child’s mindset. They think it’s okay and cute to mess up and not have to take responsibility for their actions. Physically, they still may be smaller and not have as much physical ability. Socially,at this age a student can make friends easily by talking to a random student and bond usually by laughing at something that seems childish to a teen and adult but is developmentally appropriate for this stage. These…

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