Being An Educator Is The Most Rewarding Essay

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Being an educator can be the most rewarding, yet trying profession one can possibly obtain. Being flexible, open minded, and willing to try new things are definite prerequisites to teaching young children. Parents often realize that their children are different, and this is always the case within the classroom. What works to motivate one child to learn simply might not prove to be so successful for the next child. There are several strategies that have been put into place and used by schools across the world that have positive results in motivating young students. Canine-assisted reading programs, self-graphing one’s progress, having current up to date literature, teacher read-alouds, and student teacher collaboration have provided positive insight into motivating students, regardless of their current academic level. Although this is encouraging news, it is important to realize that the need for motivating students will never decrease making continuous research of this topic a must.

Educators have one of the most challenging professions in the world. They are called upon to teach and engage students on a daily basis to not just learn, but to understand build upon several different concepts. In a classroom of twenty plus students, there might be a small handful of students that are actually motivated to learn. The bulk of the students show signs of motivation throughout the day, and then another small group proves to be a struggle to even motivate them…

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