Essay on Being An Auditory Learner It

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Being an auditory learner it is easy to say silent films are not my thing. I like to know every word of every conversation in a film. Although I had watched few silent films prior to City Lights I didn 't really have a great perception of them, I just assumed i disliked them all. City Lights was a great film which I really enjoyed. My conceptions of silent films prior to this film were that they were boring, tried too hard to be funny, and difficult to understand because of the lack of dialogue. I am a very curious person so I like to know every detail of every scene and although it is easy to understand the basics of what is going on throughout the film, you don 't get every detail of the “conversation” just the general idea. If I 'm being completely honest, I hate black and white movies just for the simple reason that I’m nosey and like to know what color everything is, but I enjoyed City Lights despite the lack of color. This film really helped change my view on silent films, it was almost completely opposite of my prior conceptions on silent films. I am easily uninterested and if a film is boring it is very difficult for me to stay intrigued, luckily for myself and my grade, this film kept me intrigued. I was able to stay focused on what was going on. It was also good that the whole thing was almost a mystery, will the blind girl ever figure out how the Tramp really is? I was intrigued to the very end and even then I wanted to know more. The exciting moment of the whole…

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