Being An Atheist Written By Australian Philosopher Essay

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Eighteenth century Enlightenment philosophers believed that reason and science were the foundation of truth; thereby, tradition, faith, and superstition were becoming obsolete. They felt they were coming out of the darkness of medieval religion and into the light of reason. However, rather than discovering true liberation after killing God, they had only succeeded in orphaning themselves (Craig, 2008. P. 71). This dissertation will focus on the article On Being an Atheist written by Australian philosopher H.J. McCloskey in 1968. The purpose of his article was to establish, what he referred to as proofs against the existence of God.
It is interesting that McCloskey refers to his grounds for evidence as proofs for according to Mark Foreman who is Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Liberty University, proof carries with it connotations of certainty that actually originate from the field of mathematics and is not meant to be used regarding philosophical arguments pertaining to the existence of God. Theists cannot prove the existence of God 100%; ergo, the naturalists and atheists cannot provide 100% proof that God does not exist.
Arguments are defeasible, they are not incorrigible, thus defeaters can be presented; therefore, the cumulative case approach of combining a number of arguments to make the case is the best option. For the purpose of this dissertation, the best explanations approach and cumulative case approach will be utilized by combining the…

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