Being An Artist By Frank Lloyd Wright Essay examples

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Art has been around for centuries and since art became a big part of the world many artist became recognized for their work even after they are gone. Examples of this would be Vango, Picaso, and Da Vinci. They all are no longer alive but their art work is very alive. Most renowned artist are recognized because their work is admired but there is always someone that doesn’t understand or appreciate the work. Many only wish that they could be one of those artist others cringe on the idea of creating pieces like those artist have done. The idea of being an artist is an amazing thought itself after much thought I think that if I could be an artist who produced renowned pieces I would want to be Frank Lloyd Wright and create the Falling Water and even though I admire paintings I would not like to create Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.
I could have created Falling water in Pennsylvania by Frank Lloyd Wright because I love nature and all of its beauty. Frank Lloyd was a architect of the 20th century and was the leader of the prairie school movement. Wright designed structures that were unified with nature and this he called organic architecture. Falling water created in 1935 was named “The best all-time American Architecture” .The piece is actually a home that was initially supposed to just have a view of a water fall. However he went above and beyond that and put the home on top of the water fall. He created it this way so that the sound of the water became a very significant part…

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