Being An After School Essay

1002 Words Sep 4th, 2016 null Page
Being an after school “coach” is not as easy as one might think, the hardest part , if i do say so myself, is learning how to, not just simply be a “coach” or “teacher figure”, but to really find the best technique to do so. Not a single person on this earth is the exact same equivalent as someone else, that being said, we all learn differently from one another. That is probably the single most important thing that stood out for me in my experiences working with students, however i do find that most teaching styles are definitely more successful when the teacher uses illustrations, examples, and hands on based education. For example, sixth grade was perhaps the most memorable school year of all my educational years, because, although I may not recall exactly everything that i learned during this time, I do recall the various hands on, visual education that I received. Thus, resulting in the most impacting ,and one might even say, an enjoyable school year. However part of the reason why it had this effect on me was due to the fact that other school years, though sufficient , were not as engaged and active based as sixth grade. As I mentioned before, learning differs from person to person. Nonetheless ,from my own educational experiences, I feel that I can safely say that as long as there is a connection and understanding between teacher and student combined with educational activity such as relevant illustrations, and hands on activities, then the result (for the most…

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