Being Accepted For Non Traditional Roles Essay example

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Being Accepted in Non Traditional Roles As far as we have come today, and we have come far, there are still many difficulties for men and women when living or working in a nontraditional role. A lot of times there are still many stigmas faced by these ‘non-traditional’ people. As I alluded to in the first line though, it is getting better and I believe it will continue to get better. There is always the trouble of being accepted by others in a nontraditional role. I believe, especially so for men. Men traditionally are supposed to be “manly” men, the breadwinners. They are looked at like less of a man when they do not fill these roles. You don’t hear of many male babysitters, or nannies and that’s because there are just some jobs that you cannot see a man in yet. It is getting better though. Men are more regularly accepted in such roles as nurses and flight attendants. Also, stay at home dads are on the rise, and although they are not completely accepted, they are becoming more and more accepted as time passes. As far as woman being accepted in nontraditional roles go, although I said I think men have it worse, I by no means think that woman have it easy. The traditional role for woman is the nice stay at home wife, the prize wife. Almost an accessory for a male, arm candy to be shown off to other males, just like in The Gilded Six-Bits where Joe is eager to show off his pretty wife to the “rich” businessman Otis. Or in Professions for Woman how Virginia Woolf speaks…

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