Being Abused At Some Point Essay

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Almost 60% of women report being abused at some point in their lives. (insert in text citation huffington post) Abuse could potentially be the most damaging aspect about being in a dominating relationship. Termination of the relationship is the only solution in particular cases, however, others could be salvageable. Furthermore others outside of the relationship might be able to offer assistance; the only way to overcome this problem is for the subordinate partner to take on the Consequently wanting to adjust a dominating partner’s attitude is a difficult challenge, although it is possible when people refuse to be submissive and communicate clear expectations.
As the one being dominated, in order to solve this problem you first must evaluate your own values and what you are looking for in this relationship. This is a vital step because this is what will differentiate between those relationships that should be terminated, and those that are worthy of saving. If the dominating partner is or has met your needs in this relationship it is salvageable. On the other hand if your partner is constantly causing you to compromise your core opinions and values in order to remain together then the relationship is not worth your time. “The next two-and- a- half years I was in the hospital twice with violence related injuries; in the psych wards twice for attempting suicide; miscarried in the middle of a beating… At church I was there to make an appearance, and then packed up and taken…

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