Being A Zookeeper Was Never An Occupational Aspiration Of Mine

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Being a zookeeper was never an occupational aspiration of mine, but somehow, according to my supervisor, that is the position I had taken. In the summer of 2009, fresh out of graduate school, I spent a summer teaching at a local drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, Preferred Family Healthcare. I had two sections of students with ages ranging from twelve to seventeen. These students had been either court ordered to seek help or their families had admitted them to this drug facility. Many of them had been kicked out of school already because of their substance abuse issues and their home lives were atrocious. Many of these parents were addicted to the same vices as their children, and in some instances had even introduced their children to them. Needless to say they were less than thrilled to be attending rehab, let alone summer school. I was in over my head.
On my first day I was ready to face my new class with a bubbly energy that was used to mask the unrestrained terror coursing through my body. I have no experience. What if there is a fight? I have never been in charge of a class before! My student teaching was in second grade for God’s sake! I am NOT prepared for this! were among some of the thoughts that were racing through my head as beads of sweat appeared on my forehead. After a few deep breaths and an endless amount of self talk, I had the courage to walk in. Before me lions were sprawled out on the floor baring their teeth, claiming their territory. To my…

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