Being A Writer By Andrew Solomon Essay

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In The United States there are around 20 million people currently suffering from a depressive disorder. There are many treatments that have been successful in helping those with depressive disorders, yet only about half of those dealing with them seek treatment. Some of the reasons for that is the stigma attached to mental illness, lack of insurance coverage, and sometimes just lack of knowledge on what is happening to them or their loved ones. Andrew Solomon, who was featured in this video, is one of those 20 million sufferers. Andrew, being a writer, was able to describe his symptoms vividly. He said that he knew the sun was rising and setting but little of that light ever reached him, and that the worse pain is when your tears are all dried up. Andrew’s depression seemed to strike suddenly at a time in his life that should have brought about feelings of joy. He had just published his first book, and it was receiving good reviews. He found he didn’t care about the book or much of anything anymore. Looking back now, he knows that the death of his mother three years prior to his depression was a huge trigger. He was close to his mother, she was happier than Andrew himself when he accomplished something, in turn this made Andrew happier. This book was a major accomplishment and his mother was not there to celebrate that with him, this brought his loss to the forefront of his mind even though he didn’t realize it at the time.
Like many others featured in this film, Andrew’s…

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