Being A Woman Essay

791 Words Apr 29th, 2015 4 Pages
Being a woman in earlier centuries was unquestionably more difficult from being a woman now. Despite all the laws and rights women have currently, we continue to see inequality amongst the genders. Being a female has shaped many of my life experiences. Growing up I never really noticed gender inequality or the way my parents treated me differently from my brothers. Now I realize my parents expected very different things from all of us, and mainly based upon gender. My brothers were taught at a decent age to change tires, use power tools, and other useful skills. Meanwhile, when I turned the same age I was only taught to cook. I hated to cook even though it was a beneficial skill and wanted to learn everything that my brothers had been taught instead. When I asked my father to teach me how to change a tire and how to put water in a car, his stern answer was “oh, that’s not a girl’s job”. Old societies created ideas that women should be doing household chores and men should be doing everything else. Even though my parents grew up in newer societies, the ideology was the same. Like Catherine A. MacKinnon says, “The woman and girls may not be physically strong or do not appear physically intimidating compared with men and boys, may be consequences as much as causes of the social image of proper womanhood as weak and of manhood as strong” (229). I truly believe I have not learned many helpful skills because my parents have the old traditional mentality that women should be at…

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