Essay on Being A Woman 's Fragile Physique

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It is not a spoken rule nor is it a written law. Yet it is understood that there are some jobs simply more suitable to a woman 's fragile physique. A woman 's place in society is as a caregiver, therefore, she has three basic options for her life. Option one is that she should stay at home raise her young and rely on her loving husband to provide for her. No need to worry about finishing high school, ladies.This option allows for a bright future, bursting with days spent lovingly slaving over a hot stove while you attend to your husbands every whim! Option two is a quite a bit more radical, a woman could -with her father 's approval- choose to attend a college or a university. If She decides to travel down this road, she will have two appropriate majors to pick from; nursing or teaching. Never worry, if she decides part of the way through, that college not for her,she can always snag herself a husband and call it quits. Option three is slightly crazy, and it seems more and more young women are throwing their futures away to travel down this dark road. Option three entails a life of striving towards equality. These ridiculous radicals have the nerve to strive for degrees outside the norm. They want to learn business and law. They fight for the right to wear pants! Can you imagine a world where women can just strut around in a man 's clothes? It 's just unnatural. Option three is the option that must be kept hidden from today 's youth, or we shall be dealing with the feminist…

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