Being A Wom A Girl Is Not A Stable State Essay

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Being a Woman
As Eckert and McConnell-Ginet say, “Being a girl or being a boy is not a stable state but an ongoing accomplishment, something that is actively done both by the individual…and by those…in the various communities to which it belongs” Through the years and since I was a little girl, I have noticed how society shape you in a certain direction with specific ideas and values. Genetically born as a woman, I have always felt as one because my family have taught me how a woman ought to behave showing me not only through words, but also through actions. Even though I have adapted a subtle masculine behavior since I was a little girl due to my close relationship with male friends and cousins, my feminine traits have always stand out.
It is inevitable to admit that society plays a big role on how traits and behavior in a person can be easily influence or taught. In his essay “Gender Roles” Mays, an English and journalism major from the University of Georgia, related how he overheard some friends questioning the gender role in a homosexual couple. Society has continuously pushed the idea of masculinizing and feminizing every single trait or behavior in order to separate men from women; however, throughout the years, it has been proven that a feminine trait or behavior in a little kid does not mean that the kid is going to turned homosexual and vice-versa. As a little girl, I was felt it was unfair that I had to follow certain behaviors and play with certain toys to be…

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