Being A Victim Of Bullying Essay

1095 Words Apr 1st, 2016 null Page
For a long time, I had trouble figuring out who I am as an individual. Under the conditions that I grew up in, it wasn’t always as simple as identifying myself by my race. It would be easy to say I am a Guyanese-American and proud. In the white privileged society we live in, proclaiming your ethnicity alongside the term “American” does not work out. I grew up in a predominantly Hispanic and White neighborhood. I tried my best to fit in with this population. Being a victim of bullying, it was always my priority to avoid situations where I may stand out to someone; I wanted to blend in and not be seen. I remember, until I was the age of fifteen, I denied my culture and where my parents came from. I wanted nothing more than to be “white”. As a young child, it didn’t take me long to figure out what the dominant race was and what I had to do to conform to its layout. I was often teased for having my hair in a braid; it made me look too “Indian”. Although my parents are not from Asia, our ancestral roots can be traced back to India many centuries ago. This is why we are often confused with being from India, due to our physical similarities and customs. My last year in Catholic school, I decided to go against what my parents wanted and wore my hair open every day. Some may think having your hair down isn’t a big deal, but for my family it was, next to cutting your hair short. To me personally, this was the last thing I had to do to feel accepted in the community I lived and went…

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