Being A Vegan Essay

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The Life of a Vegan
Top motive for being a vegan is to get a healthier looking image, but is debated on whether it is really healthy. Becoming a vegan is a difficult process to begin with, but there are different rationales why individuals would start the process. Reasons such as to have a healthier looking image, religion, and to save animals. Veganism can be started by young or old, weak or strong. Vegans completely eliminate all animal-produced products from their daily diet and initially their clothing also. Vegans do not eat, meat, diary products, mayonnaise, honey, or gelatin (Hackett, 2015). This diet obviously takes more attention and some help from other supplements. But eliminates many fatty foods. Veganism is often touted as a healthy diet, but may turn into a nutritionally deficient diet. Many vegans start out as a vegetarian because it is the first initiation to forming into a vegan (Hackett, 2015). The difference between the two is that vegetarians eat products such as eggs, and fish, and still eat dairy products.
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Looking at the pros of a vegan diet. She says that it depends on how the vegan approaches the rations. Eating chips and other fattening foods could be considered a vegan diet, but in no way healthy. It has also been found that on average vegan diets are higher in the nutrients vitamin C (Lynch, 2014). This nutrient is essential in the body. It helps regenerate new tissue and helps relieve systems of the common cold. It also has been found to even provide a healthy immune system in the body (Weil, 2012). Vegans are also most likely to have a lower BMI, which is extremely healthy for the body to have a well leveled out height and weight ratio. Dairy and meat products produce more calories than what other food groups carry. They also carry higher levels of saturated fats, which cause higher risks of high cholesterol and heart diseases (Lynch,

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