Successful Teacher Interview

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My interviewee was Amanda Martinez, or Mrs.Martinez, a kindergarten teacher at SFA STEM Academy, close by my local city. She has been teaching for eight years now and absolutely loves it. Being a teacher has been one of her childhood dreams. She is one of my sister’s best friends since high school. Success to me means to accomplish something that you’ve always dreamed, achieving your goals, and just being generally happy with everything you’ve done.Amanda is considered successful in many ways. She is a successful teacher because she is making a difference everyday. She’s teaching kids how to read, write and count. She’s making the world a better place, she’s teaching the next generation of doctors, lawyers, teachers, and so much more. Many …show more content…
If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Don’t get discouraged, just keep going. There is going to be times where things aren’t going to go as planned but things are going to get better sooner or later. Achieving your goals is what is going to make you feel successful. There are many things that are going to set you back but just know that those things are just bumps in the road. Everyone has their own definition of success, just because someone else’s definition of success doesn’t match yours, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Amanda loves teaching and wouldn’t trade it for the world. All the advice she has given is definitely going to be something that people will take on their journey to become a teacher. Teaching the younger generation and watching them become whoever they want to become is absolutely wonderful. Being a teacher is going to impact your life in a positive way and it’s going to make it better. You’re going to be a role model to many young children around the world and it’s going to make you feel absolutely great. Never give up, just follow your dreams and everything will come out smoothly. Whether you’re motivation comes from a student, or just being a teacher, get the job done. Being a teacher is going to make the world a better place. Amanda has inspired me to become the best teacher I can possibly

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