Being A Teacher : A Classroom, Education, Kindergarten, And The Early Years Of School

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As a teacher working in a classroom now is a lot different from working in a classroom, say Ten to twenty years ago. Before teachers use to have ten to fifteen student in their classroom, now it is from twenty-five to thirty five kids, and I can imagine in the next ten years classroom size will continue to grow. I understand being a teacher; you should be able to handle the stress of this. With the high numbers students do not get the accurate teaching that is needed, especially one on one support. This is staring as low as preschool classes that are effecting child development at a young age they are not even noticing it themselves. A quote from one of the journal articles is “Research has indicated that teaching practices in preschool, kindergarten, and the early years of school can play a significant role in student achievement later on.” ( is almost a lot more to worry about then if students do not understand, as the teacher has to get through a curriculum of subjects and hope the students understand it.
A student-teacher ratio is based on the total number of school staff divided by the total enrollment of students. This number may include specialist teachers in the arts, literacy specialists, physical education and special education teachers, who may teach smaller groups of students. A result, student-teacher ratios may show smaller numbers than the actual average class…

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