Being A Student At Marquette University Essay

1089 Words Apr 15th, 2016 null Page
Privilege, a priceless intangible notion that has categorized individuals as those who have and have not. Being a student at Marquette University has made this problem more evident to me on a day to day basis. Along with being a student, I am also categorized as a minority which in this school means segregation. This in one of the biggest problems that plague the campus because those who are not experiencing this problem, often times believe that it is nonexistent. In reality, racism roams freely throughout the campus and because many like myself have not inherited certain privileges we are treated with a lesser standard. The very foundation that this school had been built upon has been the belief of equality. Yet as I look around I see my peers being called racial slurs, harassed outside of school and see individuals unable to empathize with their diverse classmates. There are numerous ways to mend this problem: the first being admitting more students of color into the University by either offering more scholarships, for example EOP or making it more affordable for individuals who fall into a certain financial tier. The second thing Marquette can do is make it a college requirement for all of their students to take classes that will educate them about the problem at hand. The ripple effects either of my proposition would form would simply be positive and would promote all of the values that this university hopes to instill in individuals. As of the last demographic that…

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