Being A Special Hidden Talent Essay

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I have always been amused by the concept of us having a special hidden talent (or talents) inside of us that stayed hidden until we go and figure it out for ourselves. Then once we figured it out, something miraculous would happen to confirm that it was indeed our destiny. (explain little sister and MLP) Think about it, wouldn’t it be so amazing to know , for sure, what we are best at in our lives? And then maybe if we found that special talent, something cool would happen, like we automatically got a mark placed on us (like a tattoo or something) to show everybody what we specialize in? That would make things a lot more exciting.

With that being said, there are ways people try to narrow down their options, such as scientific personality quizzes and job matches corresponding to the results of their tests. No one is ever 100% sure if they are making the right career choice and always need some kind of input from a trusted source, and then build from that. How these quizzes work is, because scientists and researchers study a large variety of personality types and they do experiments and learn the behavioral patters to determine what each person is. Then, with the given information that they gather, the researchers develop a series of questions and scenarios that you have to answer, so that they can calculate it and give you the feedback based on what you have chosen. Two examples of these quizzes, that I have used, would be the Meyer’s Briggs and the Holland’s code…

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