Essay about Being A Special Best Friend

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Having a special best friend is best thing happening to me when I was kid. My best friend, Grant Berry, he is coolest and grittiest person I ever knew and I do not have as much grit compared to Berry. I believed Grant Berry and I are different in every way, but turns out it was not the case. Recently, I learned Grant Berry and I are similar and yet so different in certain areas such as mindset and skills in reading courses.
One area that Berry and I are similar in is having trouble remembering what we read. When Berry had trouble reading when he was a teenager, he explains, “My eyes walked over words like a snail trudging through mud” (502). It was difficult for him to keep his mind on the reading material as his brain wanders away from what he was reading. In high school, he would only read what was required of him. In addition, when choosing classes, he would rather take art and electronics over English. As much has Berry hated reading, he developed a passion for it later in his adult life. Similarly, I also have trouble remembering what I have read. In high school, every time there was a quiz or an exam in biology, I would cry on the inside. I never had good studying habits back then, so the way I studied was to read the material once and that was it. If I understood the material, I could slip by in class like always, and if I did not understand it then I felt like an idiot and gave up. It is difficult for me to remember what I am reading if the subject does not…

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