Being A Social Worker Is A Unique Profession Essay

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Being a social worker is a unique profession. Social workers’ goals are to better the lives of others and make a change. They do this by following a set of core values. As listed in the Preamble of the NASW Code of Ethics, the values are: service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence. The social work profession is deeply connected to these values. The value of service is extremely important. It is a social worker’s duty to be of service to those in need. Personally, I love volunteering, and I learned this core value by volunteering with Food Runners of Connecticut. I began working with this organization because by father founded it. He has always had a knack for helping others and hated seeing food go to waste. He reached out to local groceries stores and farmers market to see if he could collect their excess food and give it to shelters or soup kitchens. At twelve years old, I began going with him to help with the food runs. Seeing the excited look on people’s faces when we donated food to their shelter is something I will never forgot. Growing up with parents that always liked to volunteer and beginning to volunteer myself at a young age made me realize the importance of the value of service. I really want to make a change in people’s lives. The core value of social justice is what pushes social workers to make social changes. Social workers strive towards ended social injustices. I witnessed…

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