Being A Social Worker, A Special Phenomenon Of Hong Kong Among The World?

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What is the reason why a substantial amount of resident still living in the“sub-divided flats ”which is a special phenomenon in Hong Kong among the world? How to explain a big proportion of population still receiving a salary that is not sufficient for them to improve their well-being?

It is an obvious fact that the quantity of indigent people has proliferated and become a serious problem that need to be alleviated effectively. As a social worker, I think a series of measures which are implementing by government currently are not working very well, and in my opinion, some creative approach should be made to address the problem.

There are several measures than created by government are ineffective. Social work, for instance, some new occupations such as PW or other similar positions are created in order to reduce the number of redundant youth, however; this approach is proved to be unsuccessful. Firstly, these positions are just a dead end to attract teenagers to work and improve their unemployed situation temporarily, without well planing and connection for these occupations, those teenagers who enter this field with no motivation to further study will be trapped in their salary and position . Secondly, it is more difficult for them to get another job when they leave their position with social work experiences only, because their working experience may not recognized by other boss, following that, they more likely to become unemployed, as a result, there return to where…

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