Being A Single Parent Essay

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The struggles of being a single parent.
Even though nowadays it is becoming more and more common for children to be raised by a single parent, it can be very hard not only on the parent but the children as well. Due to financial, emotional and mental stressors that can have a long term effect on the parent and the children. Many parents work 2 or 3 jobs to provide for the family and the family time is lost due to working. Circumstances of life seems to always be a contributing factor on the household, bills, food, education and medical situations can affect the household substantially.

Over the recent year’s (25-30yrs) life as a single parent has become more and more common and even more difficult. Failed marriages, unplanned pregnancies
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The children are greatly affected by these stressors as well, mainly due to the fact that the parent is working and juggling the demands of work, home family and life. You have to become somewhat of a master of all things (ie. budgeting, time management) and last but not lease a counselor that can fix everyone else’s problems. The single parent does their very best to get by and some do a great job and others find it harder to stay above water. Many of the single parents try to provide a life that they never had as a child, so they are willing to do more work extra hours or even additional jobs to give them more than they had.All parents want to have a strong close relationship with their children and be able to spend a lot of time with them watching them grow and being there for them. However the single parent works a lot, many work 2 or 3 jobs sometime to make ends meet. If you are fortunate to have a family support structure it helps with the raising of the children (i.e. being at extra circular activities, sporting events) especially when you can’t make it.

The struggle of being a single parent is not an easy one, although some days or weeks are better than others. I myself know of this first hand as a single parent of two kids (me and my ex-husband divorced when they were 4-6yrs old). They are now 18-20yoa, they know the struggles that

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